Business Women


I worked for 36 years and my two best managers were both women. They were both absolutely clear about what they wanted and about whether or not I had achieved it. They didn’t prevaricate as so many male managers do.

What I find most strange is that, having fought for years to break through the glass ceiling women are happy to be called “chair”, i.e. something you sit on.

The definition of “chairman” is:

 “the presiding officer of a meeting, committee, board, etc.”

Note no mention of gender, it’s a person of any gender like teacher, solicitor, nurse, doctor etc. The various Companies Acts also use chairman and make clear it is not gender specific.

During the early 20th Century, specially while the men were away at war, many women acted as Chairman of a Parish Council or Charity, even if not of many businesses. During the latter part of that century more and more women were appointed to senior roles in business. Now that we are seeing more and more women at senior positions in business they must stand up for themselves (once more) and insist on the proper title being used.

The proper mode of address is “Mr. Chairman” for a man and “Madam Chairman” for a woman.

So don’t put up with it ladies, just because an illiterate moron somewhere has decided “Chairman” means a man don’t be fooled. You fought for years to become a Chairman so make damn sure that is what you are appointed as.